Thursday 16/08/18

Good Morning everyone, I just thought I would let you all know that this Thursday I will be in the southern parts of Adelaide (Hallett Cove area) in the morning and then in the western suburbs in the afternoon if anyone would like a copy of any of my two books delivered to them. They … More Thursday 16/08/18

Choices, Choices!

I read somewhere a few years ago that by NOT making a choice I am still making a choice. Well, that really hit hard! This sentence actually made me feel uncomfortable. Damn it….. I thought I could get out of taking resposibility! I thought that playing it safe and keeping things the way they were … More Choices, Choices!

The “F” Word.

I rarely use the “F” word and when I do there is a whole lot of meaning behind it! You know the word I am talking about – FRIEND! Yes that’s right you may call it an ephiphany but I think I have seen the light! I am an empathetic person who has suddenly realised … More The “F” Word.

Seeing the Signs.

Many times in my life I have tripped over the signs that have been delivered to me from the other side. I don’t know what you believe in, but I can tell you through my own experiences that this world is definitely not all there is. Most of the time I have listened to the … More Seeing the Signs.

The Power of Knowing.

Something amazing happened and it was something that had happened many times before throughout my life. Although I knew what had happened I really could not explain how it happened. I have always believed in the power of belief, where you can attract the things you want into your life. I believe that you ARE what … More The Power of Knowing.

Tick of Approval.

  I am learning a very valuable lesson at the moment, that we are all NOT the same, we ARE all connected but we are definitely not the same (which is a good thing!) We are individuals in the sense that we are all on very different journeys. Each human being has had different experiences … More Tick of Approval.

One Awesome Alien.

Hi there to all! This week, after around 23 years of it sitting in a cupboard I have released my first children’s picture book called “One Awesome Alien” as an ebook, soon to be paperback. After learning how to colour my illustrations on my computer and construct them into an ebook I was so excited … More One Awesome Alien.