Being Me Fearlessly.

My whole life I have always known who I was, sadly because of outside influences I chose to believe that negative voice in my head that told me that I should hide myself away and to be humble. It was how I was taught to be in the world, and when you learn something so … More Being Me Fearlessly.

Understanding Idiots!

I went to my public speaking course last week it was a chance for me to enhance my skills and do something I had always found scary. I was full of fear and excitement at the same time not knowing what to expect but thinking that today, no matter what, was going to be a … More Understanding Idiots!

It’s Fearless Friday…

FEARLESS FRIDAY……. What have you done that you were scared about but did it anyway!!!!! I have just enrolled in a free public speaking seminar and I am shaking in my boots!!!!! I say…..Go for it! Tarina.

Dancing in the Rain.

The other day my husband and I went out with a couple who were our close friends to the football for the night. We decided to leave a little early so that we would miss the bad weather that was about to hit. Instead we left at the exact moment, that while we were walking … More Dancing in the Rain.

Choices, Choices!

I read somewhere a few years ago that by NOT making a choice I am still making a choice. Well, that really hit hard! This sentence actually made me feel uncomfortable. Damn it….. I thought I could get out of taking resposibility! I thought that playing it safe and keeping things the way they were … More Choices, Choices!

The “F” Word.

I rarely use the “F” word and when I do there is a whole lot of meaning behind it! You know the word I am talking about – FRIEND! Yes that’s right you may call it an ephiphany but I think I have seen the light! I am an empathetic person who has suddenly realised … More The “F” Word.

Seeing the Signs.

Many times in my life I have tripped over the signs that have been delivered to me from the other side. I don’t know what you believe in, but I can tell you through my own experiences that this world is definitely not all there is. Most of the time I have listened to the … More Seeing the Signs.