5 Ways to Overcome Failure.


1. Realising that failure does not exist.

Failure can only become what YOU perceive it to be within your own life. It isn’t real unless you make it real. Choose to instead see results as either what you DO want or what you DON’T want, then when you get an outcome you don’t want you can act accordingly in a way which will help you move towards what you do want. You will understand that your ‘don’t wants’ will teach and guide you towards what you ‘do want’.

2. You are what you believe.

Your mind and body have this amazing ability to give you exactly what you want. If you are consistently focusing on being a failure then in your mind you are one, and so you act like one (your perception of one). It only takes one choice to stop thinking that way. Your perception is your belief and your beliefs create who you are.

3. You know what you were born to do.

These days we are so hung up on making money and getting more stuff that we forgot how much fun life is! Everyday you are meant to be doing what brings you joy, and if you listen to your heart you know what that is, so just do it already! We get caught up in this world of lies and fall into the trap of being what is expected of us instead of being who we are, and who want to be.

4. Life is about growing.

There are so many roads that we walk down throughout our busy lives, but none of them are erasable, you are here because of those choices. You may be thinking that your choices may not have been the best, but all choices bring us back to recognising that all roads are beautiful. How can you possibly know who you are unless you have see the road showing you who you are not.

5. Stop making excuses.

The more you cripple yourself with lies about how you will never be good enough, the longer it will be before you fulfill your birth right of being who you were created to be. Give yourself a break! Yes it is scary to think you could fail! (but now you know it doesn’t exist). Yes it is scary to actually be successful! Stop making excuses and just allow your life to be guided, you know what brings you joy and you deserve it. Don’t let anyone, including yourself tell you otherwise.