On a day that was making me feel like I couldn’t fulfill some of the things I wanted to achieve in my life due to financial circumstances, a letter came for me. As I checked my mailbox feeling frustrated and unsure and asking for help from above, I pulled out the letter from the mailbox which was from the bank (of all places). On the envelope I found this saying…..

“LIFE MATTERS……so live life and we’ll take care of the rest”

I was stunned…… was as if the Angels had hand delivered it to me at the exact moment I needed it, telling me that they would take care of all the details for me……Thank you!

They were right! All morning I had worried about how I was going to achieve everything in detail instead of trusting and knowing that all is being taken care of for me. I had to remember that I was being divinely guided, but being human has it’s way of allowing you to forget that. So, I realised that I don’t need to know how everything is going to fall into place, I just need to trust the universe, God, the Angels, or whatever you want to call the greater force that makes the sun rise in the mornings and allows the caterpillar to miraculously turn into a butterfly. I just had to have faith that I can and I will fulfill my dreams by allowing that higher force to guide me.

My life does matter, so I need to just live life to the fullest and let all those complicated pieces that need taking care of fall into place for me. It really does blow your mind when you step back and watch those complicated events unfold and gracefully turn out in a completely different way you had planned or even imagined, for the better. So enjoy your day because your life matters, and leave all the worry to those who know how to deal with it. Release it to God and your Angels and they will move those mountains for you, because they can if you will just let them!

Oh and by the way that problem I was worrying about turned out amazingly!