Look Within.


It took me five long years of researching the questions I had continuously been asking myself, the whys that had always consumed me that never got answered, to understand the concept and the realisation that all answers are found within.

It can be an abusive way of self-harm to overload the mind with endless negative questioning, with the body being in a state of constant fight mode saturating itself with the toxic chemicals it releases due to it staying in a defensive position. But those questions were so strong, so important to my being able to continue within this world.

Why did my son lose his life to cancer?

Why did I have to endure such a loss?

Why did my family have to go through such a suffering?

Why do I always fail?

Why am I never good enough?

The questions about health and life spun within my mind constantly as I began to lose sight of who I was and what it was that life was suppose to mean to me. What I was doing was making myself sicker and sicker with the constant drive of trying to understand that which cannot be understood, especially to one that has never tried to understand before. So what do you do? How do you get over such heartache without questioning? You stop questioning and you instead look for an answer.

What I discovered is that even though my heart was broken and my body was weak from the sadness, I grew strength throughout my journey of discovering the answer to that small but very significant question…..Why? You see when you choose to go on the journey to find the answers, it is the journey itself that cures you, not the answers. It is the simple fact that the journey helps you to rediscover that connection to your higher self that had once been lost.

I suggest to you that if there is something that you are searching for then go out there and search! Don’t just rummage around here and there wondering if anything will ever change, really go out into the world and learn as much as you can to find your answers. It will teach you one thing and one thing only and that is that all the answers are found deep inside of you, within that light that you have chosen to ignore or even stomp on over time. Once you discover who you truly are you will understand the answers to everything. The answers may not be what you what to hear but they will be answered, and you will find peace.