Be Connected.


Today I am going to tell you a story…….

I had realised that in my life I had changed. I was becoming more aware of what was happening around me, becoming aware of other people, strangers, their behaviors and what they were doing. It was intriguing and interesting.

In line at my local grocery store in the express isle where things were busy and moving fast, I saw a woman speaking to the check-out operator smiling but confused on the first bay. I wondered why I had noticed her body language. I passed the thought by thinking that she must have known the girl who was serving her, and so I moved on to where I was called by a young man on the third bay.

Strangely as my back was turned to the rest of the world I somehow knew that the same woman I had noticed earlier had left without her groceries. I quickly turned as she passed behind me and without any conscious thought I said, “Is everything okay?”.

“Oh, I’ve just forgotten my purse that’s all!” She joked and smiled.

“Well that’s alright, I will pay for it.” I told her.

The woman stood there staring at me as if thinking hard about processing the information and she said, “Well, only if you give me your details and I pay you back later.” I smiled at her and shook my head, “No.”

So, she gracefully said “No I won’t let you pay for them then.”

Smiling a big smile I turned to the check-out girl on the first bay and called out to her. “Excuse me but that bag of shopping that was for this lady, can I have it please.” She brought it straight to me. The woman whom I was buying the groceries for was unsure of what to do. “Please let me pay you back for the items!”

“Isn’t this what life is all about?” I questioned her. “To help each other? I don’t want your money, I want you to have your groceries.”

“But it’s about thirty dollars worth!”

I placed my hand onto her shoulder and said, “That’s fine.”

As my check-out operator started putting her items through with mine I joked about the fact that she was buying a whole bunch of chocolates. The woman began to tear up as she told me her story.

“Thank-You so much!” She said. “My husband is in the hospital in the ICU and I have left my purse on his hospital bed. I just wanted to come out and buy a gift for all of the nurses to say thank-you to them for treating us so wonderfully. I have never shopped here before in my life.”

Of course I completely hugged her and cried like a baby with her. The young boy serving us was just staring at what was unfolding in front of him and he said to me.

“I have to give you your hot chicken for free, just for doing that” and he did.

Another woman watching came passed and gently placed her hand onto my shoulder, I turned and she spoke, “It is lovely to see that people still help out in this world.” I just stood there and smiled saying “Thank-You.”

The woman I had bought the groceries for and I walked out together and hugged. I told her about how I lost my son Jack and she told me that she had lost a child also. We were already connected. I wished her well and hoped that her husband would get better. She thanked me again and we parted ways.

You see, the strange thing is that I never thought about questioning myself about why I should or shouldn’t do this gesture for this woman, I just did it through reflex, like it was who I was as a being. I had changed so much, I could see that now. I wondered if I would have ever noticed her body language before, would I have instead been so lost in my own world and my own thoughts that I would have been completely blind to it all. Who would have helped her then? All the other blind people around her lost in their own thoughts. How would she have felt if she had just left? She would have traveled back to the hospital unable to share her love and joy to those nurses she had felt so connected to in this hard time for her.

We ARE all connected, we are all from the same whole. Helping another is like helping you own self, harming another is like harming your own self. Remember that. Human beings should not have to think about helping out another human being ever, and I mean ever. It should be an Instinct.

I learned a huge lesson that day, that by learning to stop being so consumed with my own thoughts and starting to learn awareness and connection to all things I changed someones life. No wait! Even more lives because of those who watched on and saw what was happening. Maybe, just maybe I even somehow changed the world by teaching others that love truly is all there is.

How very exciting!