I Am Perfect.


The very first thing that I like to tell people when they are constantly complaining about themselves is that not only were they created perfectly when they were born, they right now at this very moment are still perfect in every way. People say to me often, “Oh but I’m too overweight!” or “I shouldn’t be so pushy or loud!” Whatever you are thinking about yourselves just look at the person next to you and know that they are doing exactly the same thing as you, judging themselves for not being good enough.

But not good enough for who?

The thing is, if there is some sort of expectation of who you should be other than who you TRULY are then I feel like there is that underlining idea that society and what everyone else thinks matters. Haven’t you heard the saying, “What other people think about you is none of your business.” But is it really what other people are thinking that you are worried about? Because if it is then you really need to learn to not care. Taking on the burden of imagining what others might be saying and thinking is like trying to guess when the world will end. It’s also a big fat waste of your time and your precious life. Living in another world or in the world of guessing is not living. Live in the moment because it is the only time you have.

The moment I realised that I am perfect I understood that being human, in every form that it comes in, is perfection. If you have made mistakes that you find hard to forgive yourself or others for I hope you can understand that humans make mistakes. If you are human and making mistakes then guess what? You were created perfectly! We were actually created to learn which means when we do things that do not give us the outcome we were hoping for then we move on and try again. Instead we have learned that to make a mistake we should condemn ourselves or use punishment instead of kindness, forgiveness and love. Maybe we just need help in understanding what the real truth is that is hiding within us. Maybe we need a hand with understanding something that has never been taught to us before.  Why can’t we give ourselves a break?

If you truly loved yourself and who you are then you wouldn’t say such horrible things about yourself and we wouldn’t do it to others either, which is what we all seem to do. If you don’t like who you are change your thoughts, if you judge others then I know that you judge yourself, if you judge yourself then I know that you are not loving yourself, if you are not loving yourself then you do not understand that you are perfect. If you realised this you would love yourself and be kind to yourself, if you were kind to yourself you would do, eat, drink and be love. You would be kind to yourself, your body and do what is necessary to be happy and healthy because you want to. You wouldn’t make choices through addiction, or what other people say and think…… and yes it’s okay to eat chocolate!

Be the best YOU that YOU can be without making excuses for yourself, don’t apologise for being you, because if you truly loved yourself you don’t need approval, you just need your own love. Be your own best friend and watch the joy come!