Going With the Flow.


Sometimes life feels like we have jumped into a river and have spent every waking moment after that scratching and clawing at the banks trying to get out!

Maybe we should just stop trying so hard to be in control and allow the river to take us, guide us, to wherever it wants us to go. Go with the flow of life instead of trying to always control it, remember that we are always trying to get what we want but it may not be what we need. So stop asking for what you want but instead have the faith to ask for what you need, it is amazing how life suddenly changes when you are able to accept your life as a gift instead of a burden when it isn’t what you expected. It could just be a different way to give you or others blessings!

Our minds are not always open enough to understand how things are possible, but we are completely amazed when miracles happen.

So let go and let God!

The universe just may surprise you! It’s hard, I know, I was the biggest control freak ever and still to this day I need to take ten deep breathes when things start to spin out of line of how I need them to be. But through experience I can tell you that I am in absolute awe when I truly let go, with complete faith, and within moments life has shocked me with it’s unbelievable ability to show me that it knows just what to do. Have faith, believe and know that all is well and ask for what you need, for what’s best for you, to accomplish what you want from this awesome experience called life.