To Push or to Pull?


This is a closed door…..

Looking through it we can see all the wonderful and beautiful things that the world has in store for us to discover. You see how your life COULD be. Sometimes because of fear we choose to close our minds completely to the world’s joy by pulling down the blinds so we can no longer see all the wonderful things that could embrace our lives, it’s just easier that way.

Others decide that they really DO want to explore the world and live life to the fullest but instead live life pushing constantly upon that door, continually becoming frustrated and anxious because no matter how hard they try/push that door is always locked.

Why won’t things go my way? ……Why is life always so hard?

But is that door really locked?

Maybe all you have to do is choose to stop pushing all the time…….


Take a step back, breathe and realise that all you have to do is pull, the door is easily opened. No more frustration, no more anger and no more feeling that the world is attacking you all of the time. You are now free! Free to live completely!

So get out there and start smelling the flowers……watching the butterflies…….hearing the birds and discovering the world!!!!!

Oh and stop pushing so damn hard all the time! Remember if something ain’t working for you try something different.