Have a Little Faith.


Letting go and having trust in something more than yourself is one of the most scariest things you could ever do, especially if you are a control freak such as myself! But why is it so hard for us to allow divine guidance to show us the way? My belief is because we don’t understand it. How can we truly understand such a thing? Simple really, just open up your eyes and start noticing it’s very existence, that’s a good start. When I say open up your eyes you know that I am really referring spiritually to opening up all of your senses in a spiritual way.

It’s there all around us waiting for us to notice it, when we are focusing straight ahead we forget to acknowledge every thing else that exists around us and that’s a lot of space that we are missing out on exploring. What you focus on is what you see. If you actually start allowing yourself to be guided you will learn how to do it more and more. Then you will see more, notice more, hear more, allow more, become more. There will appear before you opportunities that never seemed to exist in the past, ideas that just pop into your head freely.

The truth is that they were always there waiting for you to see them, you just needed to turn your head away from what you had always focused on to see something more that what you know. It’s called faith and because it’s a scary word with no solid walls of understanding people choose to shy away from it. Have a little faith today and instead of fighting the world, pushing the boundaries and doing all of those things you normally do, how about you just stop and listen, look, feel and begin to understand something that might just change your life.

Not just change it……embrace it.