Own Everything!


Did you know that everything of you, you own.

You own your thoughts,

You own your feelings,

You own your emotions,

You own your actions,

You own your words,

You own whatever it is that you send out into the world and what you consume into yourself. Everything is energy and all energy can be measured and felt like a ripple gliding over the ocean after the stone has disrupted its peaceful flow.

Thoughts are energy,

Feelings are energy,

Emotions are energy,

Actions are energy,

Words are energy and all energy can be measured and felt.

So when I am thinking unkindly of someone, feeling unkindly of someone, saying and doing things unkindly to someone that energy is not only affecting that person but it affects you and all the people around you.

It soaks into the ground where Mother Earth feels it.

The birds above hear it.

The trees see it.

It goes everywhere.

Don’t blame God or something else for what happens about you, own up to it. Change it. Know that being kind, thinking kindly, saying and doing kind things will soak into the ground where Mother Earth can feel it.

It will echo to where the birds above can hear it.

It will embrace where the trees can see it and you will bring the power of joy and light as energy unto the world and YOU will heal it.

Own it, own everything of YOU!