The Age of Opportunity.


This is quite a simple one today, an excuse is simply an excuse. You are never too young or too old to be that person you were always meant to be. You see for some strange reason we believe that unless we are popular and making loads of money we are not successful. That is simply untrue!

Stop making the excuse that your time has come and gone, yes things do change but this world is full of so many opportunities to allow us to create and grow. You are never too young or old to do anything, there are twelve-year-olds creating Apps and people in their nineties still running marathons and jumping out of planes. If you believe that you are too old and incapable then that is who you will become. Stop thinking this way! Believe in who you truly are, that spark inside of you that can do anything if you believe it.

I believed in the past that my time had come and gone to do all of the things that I wanted to accomplish, but Jack taught me differently, he taught me that all I had to do was to believe in myself and try. The doors opened and the opportunities suddenly came from nowhere. Now I feel like I have only just begun my journey of allowing myself to create and show the world who I had always covered up.

Why can’t I accomplish my dreams? I can and I will! I will never not allow myself to shine again, this is living no matter what age you are. Stop making excuses and just shine!