There is one great lesson that my beautiful Jack taught me, and that is that I AM Limitless! I absolutely love this photo taken by my niece Ashley which really portrays that we are like the tree, limitless to the environment. We can grow and grow and grow because the sky is NOT even the limit, we are free to be ourselves.

But what does being limitless mean exactly?

In this world that surrounds us in imperfection, judgement, containment and limits it’s hard to understand who we truly are. Our very being is truly limitless, being limitless is us choosing to be out real selves. There is nothing that can limit us if we truly believe in that, it is only our minds, other peoples beliefs and the amount of conditioning we have allowed upon ourselves that blinds us from being ourselves.

And who is that?

Well when I go to write this there are so many things that I want to explain to you about how this simple statement ‘I AM Limitless’ is true and the evidence that makes it so wonderful, but my mind keeps telling me to keep it simple. In past experiments I have seen how an overload of information and facts can overwhelm an individual and instead just confuses them. I don’t want to do that, so I will try my very best to keep it as simple as possible.

Just remember that you can actually do what ever it is that you want to do, nothing can stop you except you, so own that. Also know that the words ‘I AM’ are VERY powerful words (don’t ask why right now, lets just keep it simple) so use them wisely because whatever you choose to say or think after them becomes your belief. If you continue to down yourself with statements like ‘I AM useless’ then I will guarantee you that you will become whatever it is that you decide to use after those very powerful words….I AM. Instead believe in yourself and know that who you truly are is completely limitless.

What will you say if I ask you to complete this sentence…. I AM………