Fear CANNOT Contain You.


So firstly let us start by saying that ALL emotions/feelings ARE energy…..

Yes that’s correct everything that you feel, think or do is energy in motion.

Every emotion has a different vibration at which it is measured.

Higher vibration rich emotions are joy, gratitude and the best one of all, unconditional love. The lower measured emotions are ones like hatred, greed and fear.

The highest level of emotional vibration is in fact love and the lowest is fear.

These two emotions CANNOT exist in the same space for they are measured differently, like radio waves they exist on different frequencies and like radio waves it matters which one you are tuned into before you can hear them. If you are hearing the fear in the world then you are tuned into fear, if you are hearing the love in this world, then you are tuned into love……simple!

Emotions are energy in motion. That must mean that they have power, so who controls that power?

You are the one that controls the dial that tunes the radio to find which station you want to listen to, which means that you are also the controller of your inner dial that tunes into the frequency of love or fear. If you are afraid in your life, now you know that by going to a joyful happy mindset you can melt fear away, for it CANNOT exist where there is love.

Remember that the most important thing is about being AWARE of what you are tuned into and then going from there.