It’s Time to Shine.


It’s not a hard one today people! No more excuses, no more waiting till the right time. There is no other time that exists but the present moment, that is a fact!

No more listening to peoples lies about you!

No more lying to yourself!

You have a light inside of you that is always burning and stomping on it or allowing others to do the same will never put it out. It will NEVER stop burning but it is up to you how bright it shines.

Stop denying your passions, no more excuses that you are not good enough. I don’t want to hear it, why? Because now I know that it’s just an excuse because you are afraid that you might just succeed. Are you afraid of your light? I was, for so long! How wonderful it was to finally decide that I was worth it, I was worth being the real me.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy in this world of demands and expectations but I sure can tell you how absolutely joyful and amazing you feel knowing that you are on your own side. That you believe in yourself no matter what others say. That you can rise above the fearful comments from others who would rather you stay inside their little box tucked away where they can contain you.

You CANNOT be contained!

You ARE fearless!

You ARE limitless!

Now is the time to shine and never let anything or anyone outside of you change that, for they have no control over you, unless you allow it.

Shine bright.