Move that Mountain!


I’ve climbed so many mountains throughout my life. I’ve clawed my way to the top every single time. Each one exhausting and painful but I can say that they have never defeated me…….and then I finally learned how to MOVE them instead!

What this means is that I had chosen in the past to continue to tackle the mountain the same way every time because that way was the only way I knew how, it was the way I had been taught. Each time thinking that there had to be a better way. Now instead of continuing to do things the same way I had been doing them in the past I learned how to choose a different way.

You don’t have to do all of the work, you don’t have to go through pain and agony to climb over every single mountain that blocks your life, instead look beyond it and realise that you ARE the mountain. Everything that exists in this world is a part of you, everything is connected, just like your arm is an extension of you so is all of the worlds creation. You are a powerful being, the difference between climbing and moving that mountain is whether or not you deny or embrace that power.

No longer struggle over your mountains! All you have to do is ask it to move and it will, because it is you and because it loves you, and so it is.

Today move mountains.