Being Burnt by Anger.


We all have a very good reason why we get angry sometimes, and because we are emotional beings it is completely human and okay to sometimes feel and experience anger. Every moment and feeling allows learning. My first thing I am going to tell you is to ride the emotion through and allow it to happen and then let it go when it does happen.

But what happens if the actual truth is that no-one or no-thing within this world can actually cause us anger. Crazy thought isn’t it! We were all born with free will which means we get to choose who makes us angry and who doesn’t. We choose to let anger in! Why is it that someone can do something a hundred times without us flinching and then when someone else does the exact same thing once, we lose our s”@#! Because we have come up with some information within our minds that chooses and warrants which person to be angry at and why.

Most of the time if you analyse the situation you are judging and getting angry about, you will find that in most cases we are just guessing most of the information needed for a complete understanding of it. We tend to come up with false and imaginary information instead. We also expect everyone else outside of us to think as we do, act as we do and feel what we feel, but they don’t. Sorry to disappoint you but they clearly don’t.

Yes it is frustrating when people don’t do what you want but that’s life! It just means that we are all different and thank God for that, how boring would it be if we were all the same. We are, of course, all connected but we are all very different in this world. Being different gives us the encouragement to do many different and wonderful things within it, in many different and wonderful ways. Now that sounds like fun!

So, remember the choice is always yours, will you allow anger in or will you choose peace.