The Balancing Act.


The last few weeks has brought me the magical lesson of balance!

Isn’t it wonderful to ride the train of life’s amazing lessons whether they are easy, hard, scary, or fun? Okay I’m being a little sarcastic here! Of course I would rather have those lessons of life being the good, easy and the very fun lessons ALL of the time, but sadly it doesn’t happen that way. You know I can’t lie to you!

So let’s take a look at, what I believe to be, one of the most important things we can get a grip on in life and that is….. balance in all areas of our being.

How do we do this?

Sorry to say but sometimes the only way we find balance is to find the chaos first. In our lives we tend to push the limits or we under achieve knowing that in THAT moment it is not what we want.

Here is my lesson that I just learned, when you take on too much at once your body has an ability to shut you down. You can only keep taking and taking from yourself for so long before you learn that you have to start refueling the tank. It’s also true the other way, you can’t always be a giver in life because life will upset you when you are never receiving.

Being balanced in life means in all areas of your physical body, mind, spirit and in your emotions as well. Know that when you are down it’s okay, be kind to yourself and allow yourself to heal when you need to AND ask for help! It is okay to ask for help……stop being so stubborn!!!!! (I’m mostly talking to myself here).

So take a deep breath and meditate, run that race, rest, go to the movies, exercise, eat chocolate, eat healthy, work hard, play hard, give, receive, laugh, cry and be the best you that you can be without judgement.

Balance away!