Planting Seeds.

seed tree6

We live in a ‘NOW’ world, we want and need everything right at this very moment. We allow ourselves to worry and stress over the questions of ‘why’ all of the time when we invest into something creative or new, our brilliant ideas.

Why is it taking so long?

Why isn’t it working?

Why can’t I just have it now instead of waiting?

Why does everyone else have what I need/want?

I’m not surprised that it’s not working!

Everyone thinks my idea is silly!

I knew I would fail again!

We forget to look at those small positive signs and instead draw upon ourselves negative energy, maybe even to the point that we once again choose to give up because of our frustrations. But why don’t we focus on those small positive signs instead?

What signs?

That there has become a small rise in the dirt, that tiny green sprout is trying with all of its might to push through the surface towards the sun. The miracle is all of the growth that has been happening invisibly since we initially planted that seed, the growing, the breathing, the living strength multiplying over and over again. We rely so much on our senses that we dismiss the unseen.

The unseen is our faith, it’s in letting go and enjoying the journey of watching the seeds that we plant within our lives slowly grow into something amazing. All we have to do is stop pushing the process and instead nourish our ideas, feed them with love and belief, and water them with continual inspiration.

Plant seeds, enjoy watching them grow, enjoy its fruit!


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