You are Never Alone.


There are days when I just feel like I don’t fit in. I Can’t explain it, but being an alien in one of those strange Sci-Fi movies would have been a comfort on those days. Why is it that the world just doesn’t make sense sometimes? Once again that stupid question of why baffles me. I hate that!

But even in those times where I feel isolated there is one thing that I am able to realise and that is….I am never alone. We may all seem different and believe in different things but we are never alone and we are all truly loved. It’s okay to be different but it doesn’t mean that no one cares or believes in us. You see, although at times I feel like I’m the only one who sees things the way I do it’s not a bad thing, I love being me, and I love showing people my perception of life and the world. I feel like it’s now my purpose. So, although sometimes I don’t fit in with what others are doing, I fit in with who I am, which is something I had denied myself for nearly four decades. The pride I feel in honoring that now outweighs any other lies I used to believe in, especially the lie that I am completely alone. How could I possibly be alone in a world full of connection and wonder.

I am the world.

My point today is to let you know that sometimes we may feel a little lonely and different from what is going on around us, what the truth is, is that we are all uniquely connected to each other and to something greater. There is this perfect love for all of creation that lights up inside of us, it is always there, we just need to take the time to notice it. Maybe we need to spend some more time in a quiet place to find out how connected we really are.

You are connected, you are loved unconditionally, and no matter what you tell yourself, the truth is, you are a huge piece of a greater puzzle and you can never be alone.