Build it or Break it.


We have been taught since we were born that we need to do better and be better, the more you have the happier you will be while doing whatever it takes to get there. But is this really true? And if it is not true then how do we change such conditioning?

When I was working for a certain retail company I was expected in my management role to be the boss, this meant in no way was I allowed to see my team of employees outside of work in a casual environment. Being a leader does not allow you to be friends with the people you are leading. Of course being the person I am I questioned this…….with repercussions from my managers.

My theory is if you are wonderful and kind to those while you become/are a leader and encourage those you teach to do the same, you earn the respect of your employees. When someone was sick I had no trouble having another person put there hand up to fill the shift, while other leaders in the business could not understand why people refused to work. If you show equality, guidance and respect to all, guess what you get back? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that like attracts like.

So let’s inspire people without the need of hurting others, if someone you know gets a job you really wanted then guess what? You are not meant to have it! Be happy for them but also be grateful that you were not chosen, there’s probably something even better out there waiting for you. Encourage people to run their own race and to stop competing with others, wanting what others have means that you yourself are not living your true life.

So let’s start building people up positively instead of breaking them down, how we behave and what we say about other people downloads itself into our very core. Make sure you are behaving the way that best shines your light because like attracts like.

Start building.