Which Energy are You?


The greatest thing you can do besides loving yourself and others, is to be aware of your energy. Not just being aware of it but to ultimately becoming responsible for it and knowing what type of energy you are at every moment. You are energy and your energetic being can shift from a higher vibration to a lower one because of many things. These influences are your perception, your beliefs, your emotions, your thoughts, your past, your memories, your experiences, your dreams, your surroundings and many, many more things.

All things in this world are energy, you can either be a being who is bringing your abundantly bright energy to everyone and everything around you or you are sucking it from all things around you.

So many people have told me how when they are with certain people they feel drained while those very draining people report how uplifted they have felt after being with them.

How can there be such a different perception from the same conversation or moment?

If you have high energy and the person you are speaking to has lower energy it’s easy for the lower energy being to drain the higher energy being until they are both at exactly the same level. This means that the lower energy being has been uplifted and the higher energy being has been drained to maintain a level playing field.

So how do we maintain our energy if we find ourselves around draining people?

The choice is yours, you can either stop seeing them, which of course is not our complete mission in life. We are here to teach and uplift others with our bright inner lights. Or you can be aware and limit your time. You can control your energy, and also know that the light will always dissolve the dark, the brighter you are the more infectious you become.

You are in control!

You can change the moment, you can empower it if you maintain your focus and stand your ground. Never give up and never give in! It all takes practice and of course reminding yourself to stay aware of the environment can be difficult. But try your best not to allow others to bring you down, know that this is not who you are or where to want to be. Remember it’s like everything in life, practice makes perfect.

So be aware of what energy you are bringing the world and to others, especially those people who need your light now more than ever. Those who are going through hard times don’t need your worries they need your love! Be love and infect the world with your ever growing loving energy.



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