Our Purpose is to Just Be.


A caterpillar  doesn’t sit and worry about whether or not it should become a butterfly, it just does it. It trusts in it’s purpose, it has a knowing.

We all have this knowing.

So why is it that we all go around looking for it? Searching for our reason why we have come to this earth. We don’t know because we don’t trust.

Trust in who?  In ourselves.

Stop searching because there is nothing outside of you that can tell you that, you may get ideas and thoughts that light up you soul from the outside world but your true purpose is inside of you.

Where is this knowing that we all have?

It comes to you in those small light bulb moments, in those times when you can’t believe what just happened. Those crazy events  that you talk about with your friends that can and will never be explained. They happen to remind you that you are the key to opening all of your doors. The key is inside your heart.

Stop denying who you are and start allowing it by just being. Be grateful everyday just because you are. The world is a better place because you are in it.

Live from the heart.