Victim or Victor?


Yes, it’s hard! I know how hard life can be. It’s frustrating yet fantastic! Life has this uncanny ability to knock you down right at that very moment that you decided that everything was coming along nicely. It’s strange how it does that!

But even though that knock down in your life is big and tough and the whole world seems like it’s about to cave in on you, don’t give up! You are allowed to have a cry, give yourself a little pity party and be absolutely confused as to how you are going to get yourself out of a hole bigger than the Grand Canyon, but don’t accept being a victim. Be a victor! It takes strength, courage and a whole bunch of faith but remember nothing negative can last forever, unless you keep reaffirming it in your life. Positive ways always outcast the negative, they are just so much stronger and vibrant.

Allow yourself time, healing and patience to give yourself the strength needed to move on, leaving behind that victim label and embracing being the victor.

I will have victory!