Giving and Receiving.


Is it hard for you to accept a compliment?

Is it difficult for you to accept gifts from other people?

Do you find that there are people in your lives that seem to want to take from you all of the time and they never give back?

What most people don’t realise is that giving and receiving together form a whole unit, just like the symbol of Yin and Yang the two different sides make a perfect circle. In some form one cannot exist without the other.

Sometimes in our lives we can become one-sided when it comes to giving and receiving, which can put our lives out of balance. If you are a constant giver and find it hard to receive then you may be building an imaginary wall inside of yourself where receiving is no longer graciously welcomed.

We close the communication to our receiving side.

No matter how much the universe wants us to have all of the wonderful things we pray for in our lives, if we are not open to receiving them then how can we obtain them? It’s like asking a guest to enter you home while the doors and windows have been locked shut, they want to visit you but unless you choose to open the door they are unable to come in.

Be open to receiving, do not feel guilty or unworthy of praise and honest love and adoration towards you. Breathe it in because it brings joy to give, so allow the joy of others who want to give to you, don’t shut it down by not accepting a beautiful gesture.

This is also true for those who take without giving, remember life is better when it is balanced.

Enjoy the gifts that today brings, with joy and acceptance.