A Hero Inside and Out.


Do I actually need the outside world to accept me because I am different?

Do I want recognition for being me so that I feel worthy?

Should I be less so that others can be more?

If I dull my light will that help to make others feel better about themselves?

Hell NO!

If you need the outside world to tell you that you are good enough, if you need others to conform to your every need and if you need others to accept who you are because you are different then you are not loving the Super Hero within.

Be your own Super Hero and realise that you don’t need acceptance for being you, nor do you need to lower your beautiful light, instead shine it harder, brighter and with even more intention. Show the world that you love who you are and that you believe that there is nothing in this world that you can not conquer. This does not dull other peoples light but instead gives them the encouragement to shine brighter themselves.

Jack taught me that I am what I believe and I believe that I am a Super Hero, I have magical powers beyond what this world can ever understand and I don’t need anything else. I am no different from any other beautiful soul who is reading this right now!

You are special, brave, and yes you are powerful! Look inside, all you need is there! Stop being so hard on yourself, always judging what you do and allowing others opinions to distract you. Focus! It’s not about knowing if you are doing a good enough job, you are good enough!

Every Super Hero gets a day off!

Every Super Hero has bad breaks, so what! Move on!

Stop trying so hard to do everything right and with fear. Set yourself free and live with love knowing that no matter what, you will love you for being you, always trusting in who you are……a miracle!

Cape up and start flying, anything less is just a waste of your time.




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