Change not Blame.


When I was younger I believed that I would change the world! There was something I was going to do that would be so huge that it would make a significant positive change in the direction the world was going.

One day my Uncle said to me that I could change the world just by joining a new sporting club, I questioned him because such a small unimportant decision would not be changing anything at all about this world that we lived in.

Strangely now, I seem to lean more towards what he was talking about with me that day. After experiencing with Jack his long cancer treatments, his passing and toying in my mind whether the mistakes made in the hospital system were to blame, I realised something special…… That I didn’t want to blame anyone or anything, instead I wanted things to change so that it wouldn’t happen again.

Blaming people was not on my agenda because that would have kept me in a place of sorrow and suffering, living in a world that I couldn’t change. Instead I chose to believe that people do the best they can with what they have and so, instead of blaming them I chose to change the information they had. Re-educate, show a different perspective or even just forgiving them can heal the world. It’s the small things that we do that can change the world.

Change happens by people following my own actions, change definitely starts with me! I will inspire and grow and show people that it’s okay to be the best you that you can be. Jack would be so proud knowing that he was changing the world one soul at a time, through me, through you, and that is exactly the only way you can do it, a moment at a time. So……….

Love big,

Live every moment,

Forgive hard,

Be compassionate,

Be grateful, this is what my son, Jack, taught me, and that is exactly how I will live so that I can change the world. How will you change it?