A Universal Experience!


Today I am going to tell you a very unbelievable story about an event that happened this week to me!

I was sent to a particular physiotherapist for a specialised reason from my doctor, I was quietly excited to see this woman due to the recommendations my doctor had given me about her, and the results she was getting. When I followed this up and rang the facility in which she worked they told me that she was not available for four weeks due to her going overseas. I was able to see another woman in the same practice who turned out to be very caring, which was great while I was in such a vulnerable and low physical state at the time. I saw this particular physio for around two to three months until she told me that she had decided to leave the practice and work somewhere else. Dang!

At this time I was also seeing two other specialists, one of which had told me to stop going to regular physio’s and try someone she knew instead. What should I do? I had one last appointment with my old physio but I had to change it. I should just cancel it, I thought. Instead I decided to re-book with the original physio my doctor had initially wanted me to see. She seemed like the bomb and I didn’t want to fork out another $250 to see this new, you beaut, physio the specialist was recommending.

I then had to re-book this physio appointment three times!!!!! Life!!!!!

Finally I got to meet this woman that I had waited to see for around three months, when I went in to have my appointment with her it was….. a horrible experience!!!!! She threw me around like a rag-doll and all I could do was wait until it was over. She left me for a few moments and in that time I was able to pray with all my might….

“THANK YOU GOD FOR NOT LETTING THIS WOMAN TOUCH ME THREE MONTHS AGO WHEN I WAS IN SUCH A VULNERABLE POSITION, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…………But why couldn’t you have just nudged me into cancelling this particular appointment today so that I wouldn’t have had to go through this……..HELL???????????”

The appointment was finally over and I was more than happy to leave, as I left down the hallway making my way to the front desk there was another woman paying for her appointment that she had just finished with the male physio in the same practice.

But I could hear someone saying my name.

“Her name is Tarina…..Her name is Tarina….”

As I turned the woman paying for her appointment had her phone out with a picture on it, she was showing the receptionist this photo on her phone. The receptionist who was now staring at me quite weirdly looked at the woman’s phone and then me. I noticed that the photo on that woman’s phone was a picture of the front cover of my book……”Just Believe”

“Oh that’s my book….”I said quite calmly not really understanding the weirdness of the moment.

The woman holding her phone out at the counter looked at me as I looked at her and I recognised her as one of the mothers whose son is in my sons class at school. We hugged and laughed. “I’ve been trying to explain to the receptionist your book so that she can tell my physiotherapist because I have been telling him all about it!!!” She said.

Everyone was in amazement of the moment.

I proceeded to hand out cards for my book to everyone there, the male physio was told to come out and meet me and he shook my hand pleased to meet the person who had written the book he had just been told so passionately about. I handed the few remaining cards to the receptionist who took them lovingly so that she could also tell others about my book. We all left feeling confused but absolutely stunned by the most unexplained coincidence I have ever been involved in.

Here’s the thing, I look up my book sales every month and they are slowly but strongly growing. It blows me away because my name is not an easy name to remember and yet people seem to be finding the book and buying it. When last month hit 99 sales I realised that I had just sold 3.3 books a day for the month, wow! Not bad for a book that’s only been out for six months. I asked Jack out loud “How? How are you doing this?”

In that moment, inside that physiotherapists practice, while that weird event of uncanny events happened, deep inside my heart I heard Jack’s voice answer that question for me…..He said “THIS is how I am doing it mummy.” He was showing me in that moment how the book was selling.

Now I know why I had to go to that appointment that day, so that the universe could align that moment to perfection so that all those people could experience Jack’s love. He is infecting this world one soul at a time and I’m loving being on the ride with him. I don’t need to be in control of selling this book, Jack and God already know what they are doing, I will just follow where they lead me.

Let God, let the universe, let the angels and let love do it’s thing! It truly is amazing to watch!