Unconditional Love.


It’s quite a simple blog today!

You are born into this world as unconditional love from unconditional love, meaning that you are loved unconditionally just because you exist. No matter what circumstances you are born into on this planet, nothing can ever change the fact that you are made up of that love, born of that love and will always be that kind of love.

When we grow up and live our lives we forget or we conform to the ways of the world, allowing that innocence to be distorted with human views and ways taught to us throughout the ages.

When we reconnect to this source from which we come from that’s when we see the miracles upon the earth happen every single day. To stop ourselves from following the crowd and believing in lies means to just be aware and reconnect to that place of love that we call home.

We all have our own purpose in life.

We are all here to be our true selves and bring that to the world fearlessly. Be you!

Listen to who you are inside and the world will change around you. You are created perfectly just like my beautiful Lincoln in the photo above who by the way has an exceptionally long nose that gets in the way of everything, but does he care? Of course not, because he is perfect just the way he is. Just as I am, just as you are. You are loved unconditionally just for being you!

Sending love to you all.


P.s Look at the way Lincoln is looking at me in this photo, now that is unconditional love right there!