A Wrinkle in Time.


Love where you are! It’s true we definitely get old, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad thing, life is just giving you a new experience. Appreciate it!

We have all stared into the mirror and looked upon our wrinkles, sagging skin, grey hairs and ever expanding waistlines in disgust. Why?

I am 42 years old and over the last few weeks there have been a few experiences where I have been shown that time in my life has passed very quickly. Catching up with some old friends and seeing their children in their teens and driving, after holding them in my arms the last time I saw them is enough for you to question, where did the time go?

For a moment I look into that mirror deeply and I think about my ever deepening wrinkles, wondering when I will eventually give up on hair colouring and long annoying hair. But does it really matter? NO!

I am happy that finally I am living my life with purpose and doing what I love everyday. I remember my beautiful Jack as I look at my own refection, knowing that he will never have the opportunity to look into that mirror as I do and complain about his grey hairs. He will never complain about sore feet, a bad back, the annoying neighbours, his job, the stupid boss he has to deal with or will he ever experience any days as I am privileged to do so at this age or beyond.

Today I will look into that mirror and instead I will see opportunity, love, peace and gratitude and I will feel this way in honor of all of those amazing souls who did not receive the same gift of aging as I have.

You are blessed just because you are able to read this………you are alive!