Is Peace on Standby?


Everyday life can bombard us at times, we like to be in control of how our day pans out, but to be honest that isn’t the way it works, is it?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s always good to plan ahead making sure that things are getting done to make our future a little better. Most of the time we find ourselves accommodating to what life throws at us anyway, but does this mean that with so much going on around us we are unable to find peace?

Do we put it on hold waiting for it to come at a later date?

Is it like world peace where we all pray for it, but in truth we feel like it’s something that can never be attained?

Maybe we need to look at it in another way.

Peace comes when you invite it in. What I mean by this is that we don’t just expect peace to come every time we are happy, joyful and loving the good moments. We want it in some form all of the time, but how can we when life is so unpredictable? It’s how we handle the moments, good or bad, or even the complacent times. Life is not going to hand us a silver platter all of the time, lets be realistic! But we can find peace even when the world around us is screaming out of control.

Inner peace.

When we find that space between this world and the next everything seems to make sense, answers come easier to us. It’s about not allowing ourselves to be blinded by anger and fear but instead choose to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We then notice the shovel that has been sitting next to us the whole time, and we start digging instead of panicking.

Wouldn’t you rather see the shovel?

Deep breaths, long exhale. Find peace and allow it into your heart. It’s like a true friend, it is always there and it will always come when you invite it.