Every Moment Counts.


Another cup? Yes please!

It’s the small things in life, you know, those things we seem to take for granted that are the most wonderful. Chocolate, a chat with an old friend, a great cuppa or coffee, or slurping on an ice-cream at the beach in the summer as the sun goes down. Every moment counts! Acknowledge them.

Yes there were those moments in our lives….

When we complained about our job and then found ourselves without one.

Our family members who sometimes annoy us yet they are missed when they are gone.

An old bomb of a car that we hated, now in the wreckers unable to get us as it once did from A to B.

Instead of realising that you are unhappy when something you once had is gone, be happy now! Know in every moment no matter what is happening magic is being created. A moment in a timeline that will remind you of how blessed you truly are.

Be blessed not stressed!

Every scenario is being created for a reason, a time in space where you could accidentally meet that perfect partner, bump into an old friend or even score a job you didn’t even know was up for grabs. By seeing gratitude in your life then you are blinded from complaining about the  negative.

Enjoy a most wonderful day!