It Starts in You.


Why do we need people’s permission before we accept who we are? Do we need to make sure that we are abiding by others rules and their views of what is acceptable and what is not?

Jack taught me to embrace who I was, to understand that I do not need anyone outside of myself to agree with the fact that who I am is okay. I am loved and accepted because I am a creation of this wonderful universe, I am an expression of God. So if I am an expression of God, then why do I need the permission of another?

I don’t.

If I am searching for agreement in what I am doing in my life or that I physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually fit in, then I am not honoring myself and I am instead doing what everyone else wants me to do.

That means I am not being me,

That means that I am conforming to others needs,

That means that I am running somebody else race and not my own.

But don’t we all just want to be the best expression of ourselves that we can be? YES!

So stop needing permission from others and go within, accept who you are, you are perfect, you are you! Stop trying to be something you’re not.

Embrace you! Live you! Be you! and quite simply that’s all you have to do.