Happy New Year to Me!

new years

It’s time once again for all of those New Year’s Resolutions to kick in!

Well, for me, this year will probably, for the first time, not be about what I am going to change, give up, or how I am going to do better or be better. This year is going to bring more wonderful advances towards doing the things that I love to do. This year I will slowly become more of that person I had once always tried to bury down deep inside of myself, afraid to let her out.

I just want to be the best me I can be, and I will!

At the end of last year I finally came to the revelation that maybe for the last forty-two years I had been lying to myself about not being good enough. Not good enough to be a writer and not good enough to do all of those wonderful things I wanted to do my whole life, because of that lie I was telling myself, who am I to be great?

Why are we so afraid of our light?

I realised that I wasn’t afraid of failing, I was used to that and it felt comfortable. I was afraid of my light. It was the light that scared me, because it held so much greatness I felt unworthy of it. But who am I to not let it shine? It’s our purpose to shine that light and to do all of those wonderful things we were gifted with.

So this year don’t try and be all of those resolutions that don’t work, just love yourself for who you are. That’s the best gift you can give yourself this year!

Live from the heart, love who you are. Just be that.

Happy New Year to you!




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