Seeing the Light in Others.


There are those times when we come across people who frustrate us, or make us angry. Such as being cut off while driving or that person who thinks it’s okay to push in on the line after you have been waiting in it for over ten minutes.

The thing is that we automatically have been programmed to say a few unkind words and then be on our way, but why don’t we try and change the program instead? We all make mistakes, don’t we? Have you never cut off someone or pushed in a line? Maybe you didn’t mean to or maybe you did. It really doesn’t matter.

Talking about matter, did you know that we are all made from the same stuff, we are 99.999999% energy (Dr Joe Dispenza quote) and so is everything and everyone else in this world. We are all the same.

This means that we are more energy than we are the substances that we believe makes us real, or human, more than what we can just hear, see, smell, touch and taste. We use these senses to rely on to discover what’s real and what is not. But what if the very human senses we use to help us through life are not the most effective way to understand others, ourselves, or even the world?

We are energy.

Energy is light.

Energy is vibration.

That means that we are light and vibration.

We are energy, and so is that person who cut you off or stole that position in line from you, we are all the same. Maybe if THEY knew what they were and used their energy instead of those same old habits they are used to, they may not have done what they did. This goes for everything in life, good and bad.

If you knew how to use your energy first, if you truly knew who and what you were and used it to the best of it’s ability, do you think the world would be as it is today? I don’t think so!

Know who you are………the light.

Know what you are……..the light.

Be the light, use the light and see the light instead of the darkness, especially in others. When you are seeing the darkness it only means that the light has dimmed to allow it in. When there is only light then darkness cannot exist.

When you are the light you teach others how to be themselves.