I Am…..Beautiful!

beautiful mush

There is pure beauty in all things if we care to look.

The only reason that we wouldn’t see perfection or beauty in ourselves or in others is because we have been taught not to OR we choose not to.

I found out the hard way that I was tired of pleasing others, tired of trying exhaustively to represent that which society deems normal. There is no normal, there is no way you need to be to fit in. There is only you.

That’s why not one of us is the same in anyway, every single person on this earth is different, so why try and put that into a category? Instead embrace it!

When you stop trying to be something you’re not, you suddenly begin to live. Wouldn’t you rather do that? Live instead of judge.

Try harder at being yourself and not at pleasing others, life will stop being such hard work.

I am beautiful!