What are YOU Waiting For?


What are we waiting for? Approval? The right timing? What then?

Everyday there is a sad story about a young, vibrant person dying or a family losing a loved one in an accident. There are people suffering, going blind, losing limbs, having strokes, heart attacks, dying from cancer.

Are you grateful yet? Are you living yet? Why can’t we just live?

We don’t because we are afraid of being judged!

Today I ponder on all of the crazy things that seem to be important in this world, like what we look like, how much we weigh, how much we earn and the stuff we have! This is the conversations I am having with people because they think that this is important chatter.

How can we think this?

I have somehow allowed, for a moment, peoples judgements on myself to become my reality, even though I know that their thoughts come from a place that isn’t real at all.

I then questioned myself, I questioned my beliefs.

I sat and watched others judge me, some hoping in desperation that I was failing to make themselves feel better, while others pushed me thinking that what I do is not succeeding in my life, and so a stern word is what was needed to get me back on track with their reality.

But their reality of living is that of fighting, desperation, perfect looks, survival, and following the crowd, do what everyone else does because that is normal.

BUT…..I am not normal!

Why is it always about the money? Money is what measures you in this world….. apparently.

Is this seriously who we are as a race? Now I understand why so many people are dying with dreams still locked inside of themselves, because they are afraid of being judged. Yes, we should just ignore their hurtful words, smile and move on, but wow, how hard it is when they are so good at it. They are so good at being hurtful.

Why can’t people just be supportive because they love you?

Shame on me for listening, I will learn to be better at ignoring them next time.

Shame on me for letting them in, lies should never be heard.

I will live my life and I will not apologise for it, nor will I stop because I don’t fit in, I don’t want to fit in. I want to be free, and being free is my choice, how proud I am to choose me, to choose life, to choose to live my life without waiting for the perfect time to do so. There is no time but now.

All I can say to you today is choose to be alive, before your story ends. Don’t allow other peoples warped visions of what you should be and do, conquer your vision of your truth. Their words will last a moment, but your dreams will last forever.