Keeping Tabs.


There is something I want to get off of my chest today, and that is the world, the universe, life, or what ever you want to call it owes you …….NOTHING!

If you are going around living your life believing that someone, God, the universe or this world owes you something then you are greatly mistaken. Instead know that this life has birthed you into a world where you are given the opportunity to experience it’s greatness. A gift to allow you to shine, create magic and to give back.

If you have made it to an adult age, or have wonderful health then you should be on your knees, with gratitude that you have been blessed, shouldn’t you?

If you choose to live thinking that people, your family, God or anything at all owes you in your life, then you are living a life that is lacking. Negativity will only bring negativity, and believing that you are owed something will bring you nothing but emptiness.

There is nothing outside of you that owes you, this perspective means that you feel that you need something more to be whole. Be careful, for this thinking will consume your mind.

You have been gifted with life, so it is now your turn to gift it back. The universe owes you nothing, but I tell you this, you owe it everything!