Dreams Come True!

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When I grew up things were changing, but they weren’t like they are today.

I grew up still thinking (being told) that I had to give up all my creative dreams to go out and get a proper job, you know the jobs I’m talking about, the ones that actually pay the bills!

It took all my life, it took the death of my son, Jack and it took losing my health to finally believe that I can follow my dreams! Once you catch that train that heads straight for dreamworld you don’t ever want to get off.

But why did it have to take so much for me to believe?

Why did I have to lose so much before I realised that I was worth the effort?

I think when we are growing up we need to be taught to strive high from our hearts, if we don’t have someone giving us permission then we don’t realise that we are allowed to be all that we want to be. We need role models in our lives to show us that we truly can become what we what to be no matter what difficulties we face…….until we realise that all we really need is our OWN permission.

So here I am, teaching you that there are no reasons or excuses to not live your dreams. I give you permission to shine, until you chose to give yourself permission to fly!

Have fun today and aim for the sun.


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