No Regrets.

choc sauce

I once heard someone say that the graveyard was the most richest place in the world, because it was full of wonderful ideas and long life dreams that never came to be. Instead they were buried inside those very people who chose not to allow those dreams to flourish within their lives. That soil is full of buried treasure.

What would you do to get your hands on all of those great ideas that never saw the light of day?

It’s interesting to think how many brilliant ideas, or creative projects that have been lost over the decades, but I’m here to say that we should never abandon all of the ups and downs of life, experience should be embraced, all of it. Experience is what makes us who we are, it is what creates us into stronger people.

Of course we don’t want to bury our dreams inside of us, no way, all I can say is have no regrets! It took me four decades to believe in myself and to start doing what I love. I’m not going to regret that it took so long, instead I believe that it took that long for me to become ready. But don’t think that you can’t do what you feel drawn to right now, we all have wonderful gifts that deserve to become a part of this world.

Accept the things that have happened and go from there, don’t regret what the past is, it has made you who you are today. The time is now to pursue what brings joy to your heart, it’s never too late!

Go for it! Forgive yourself, forgive the past and do what you love to do!