You are the Light.

sun beach

Life throws you a curve ball sometimes and sometimes it rocks your world! Life is about experience and with experience comes emotion. You can strive to be happy but happiness is a choice. Happiness comes with gratitude, love, compassion and joy of living. But happiness can be chosen when you realise what it is, how do you know what happiness is unless you have experienced being sad?

Doesn’t this mean that sadness teaches us how to be happy, along with every other experience and emotion? It sure does. Maybe we just need to realise that we need to embrace all that is instead of striving for something that doesn’t exist. Like I said happiness is a choice once you have experienced where you don’t want to be. Being happy does not come with things or objects you need to acquire, it comes with knowing what you already have.

Choosing to acknowledge that when your arm hurts from injury that you have an arm that works, when your eyes become tired that you can see clearly, that when you have an earache you can hear the world. When your new laundry taps leak and a hole is eaten out of your newly painted wall, I realise that I have a beautiful home to live in.

So when you know this ever so wonderful truth of how to be happy within, even when the world throws you a curve ball, this is when you teach your light.

YOU are the light. Live it. Be it. Teach it.