A Common Denominator.

fire clouds

I don’t mean to be mean this week but I am being a little bit out there and trying to make all of us take ownership for our lives. I truly believe that owning up to where each of us individually find ourselves today is the only way we can move forward, in a good way.

Take ownership for yourself, forgive yourself, let it go, and then get the hell on with it!

If you are someone who finds themselves constantly circling in the same doom that has always been, then pointing the finger at the outside world is not the answer. There is no one or no thing in this world that can make you choose to wallow, YOU choose.

Allowing your feelings is how we get through. We feel, we analyse and then we let them pass. But standing still and using your feelings and adversities year after year to allow you to get off the hook for living your greatest life is not the answer.

I know you want the best life for yourselves, but maybe some of you don’t grab life by the horns because you are afraid. That’s okay I get it, that was me! But moving through fear is what creates heroes, and I want to be someone that I can be proud of, don’t you?

Be gentle on yourselves but don’t deny yourself what the world is offering just because complaining gives you a pay off. Is a payoff good enough? I don’t think so!

Be great, I believe in you!