When the Student becomes the Teacher.

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We have been on a very relaxing cruise around the South Pacific Islands. It was a lovely family holiday which was full of wonderful things to experience. But it was on the cruise where my greatest lesson was learnt.

On the cruise ship there was a very small arcade, in which I must say we were all disappointed by the size of it, but I did learn that size does not matter. We found a machine we liked to play called ‘Color Match’ where you have a large circle on the screen which was cut into wedges. You would choose a colour for the first wedge (we chose red) by pressing a large button in front of you. The wedge would turn and then the next wedge started to flash lots of other colours, the idea was for us to hit red at exactly the right time for each wedge until the whole circle was completely red. Every time you hit the button on red the colours for the following wedge would flash faster.

There were some awesome prizes in all of the machines but this one had a brand new Macbook air which was a laptop, before the cruise I was thinking how much I needed a new laptop. So Luke and I were alone and we tried hard and amazingly got up to the very last wedge every time, but then I hit the button on the wrong colour as it was now going so fast. We had a system where Luke did the first seven and I did the last three. It was frustrating but this day I thought that we had played enough. Luke thought differently.

“Come on Mum!” he begged. “You’re so close!”

“I can’t do it,” I told Luke. “It’s just too hard sorry.”

Well Luke stood there, looked me in the eyes and he said, “You can do it mum, I believe in you! You should be thinking about your book, Just Believe.”

That hit home! He was right, I could do it if I really believed that I could, so here he was my ten-year-old son telling me what I tell him everyday, that nothing is impossible if you believe. The student had become the teacher. I turned around, stepped up to that machine and on the second go I won that laptop! Nothing could stop the joy and excitement we had, there together alone we were jumping, screaming and going crazy that we had done it!

The next day the surge of energy we felt was still there, I was unstoppable, I then won an apple watch for my husband and on the third day I won a go-pro under water camera for Luke. When I had all the prizes I wanted I noticed that my energy faded and I could no longer concentrate hard enough to get the final wedge when I played. But this didn’t stop Luke, instead he pushed me aside saying that I was not doing it right anymore, he then went on to win a samsung VR mask. He is definitely my son!

The lesson you ask?

There is a few, remember that you can do anything if you believe. But the big one for me is that we need to pass on our knowledge to others not only so that they can teach more people, it is so that in times when we need reminding our students can remind us. We are human beings and we sometimes forget our power, how wonderful it is to be reminded by a child who believes, because you taught him how to. Very proud moment that day, I will never forget the lesson my beautiful son taught me, to never give up, to always believe.

This is what I want my child to learn from me, this is what I want him to teach me. It’s a beautiful endless circle of wisdom.