Money from Air.

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This week was a busy week, I had spoken to a printer who was finally going to do me a great deal on printing my new fiction ‘The Guardian and the Angel’ where I would actually make money. Hahahahahaha crazy as it sounds I don’t think I can pay $32 each book to print when I am going to sell them for $20 each. I had struck this great deal but of course I would have to buy in bulk to get the better price. Ordering in bulk is scary as a writer because you never know if you are going to sell all of the books you get printed.

Also the big question after making the deal was how was I going to find the money?

My husband had an account with an on-line company where you sell all of the stuff you don’t want online, I had never been into that sort of thing, I was always a garage sale kind of girl. But I thought why not! I had a room full of stuff that I had packed up ready to be sent to charity, instead I posted about 20 advertisements on two different online stores.

Wow was I busy!

The experience over the following week was weird! The many emotions I endured trying to sell on-line was crazy…

There was joy and happiness when it was easy…….people came and gave me the money I had asked for and then they left…….easy.

Then anger and frustration with the buyers who don’t turn up when they were meant to, leaving you stranded and annoyed. The many texts and the running around. The people trying to screw you over by offering $20 for something you have advertised for $120……..annoying. Stress from all the answering of inquiries over and over again and not getting a sale, then in another instance you get one inquiry and within 30 minutes you had $100 in your hand!

In the end it was an amazing experience that I think I actually enjoyed. In one week I made enough money in cash to order my books in bulk from the printer, I had only sold half of the things that I had advertised. I even considered doing this on-line trade thing as a full-time job. It was so very emotional, thrilling and draining…………..OH but I felt alive!!!!! Why? Because I had made money from air. I turned nothing into something.

How proud I was of myself to put all the hard work in, and it was hard, but the results over just a week ended up with me having exactly what I wanted, my books printed.

I hope this story inspires you this week. Good luck and have fun making money from air with all the great ideas you come up with.