Be the Angel

angel dog

We have been taught throughout our lives that when we do something for someone, or when we give something to someone, we should always get back in return. The concept is correct in some form, as the universe tells us whatever you give is what you receive. Good vibes bring good things, bad vibes bring….. well you know how it goes! But expecting something in return for doing something good is not how it works. Doing good with no expectations is a gift of love, where as doing good expecting something in return is not a gift at all.

On the weekend my family and I were strolling through the streets in our local suburb, it had been a wet night but the sun had finally come out. While casually walking down the street we noticed something on the pavement, it looked like a mobile phone. On inspection we realised that the phone was lost as it had many messages and phone calls appearing on the front screen.

We were adamant that we could return this phone somehow to the rightful owner.  Luckily I pressed the last number that had rung the phone from the front screen and it allowed me to ring that person, it was the owner of the phone’s brother, he was very grateful. He messaged his brother’s address to the phone I had found and when it popped up onto the front screen I was able to remember it.

On the way to returning the phone the phone rang again and it said ‘Home’ on the front screen. I knew who this was going to be! I happily said, “Hello there, do I have your lost phone?”

The surprised man said, “Yes I think you do!”

I responded by saying, “Don’t worry I’ve already spoken to your brother, I have your address and we are about to return the phone and put it into your letterbox.”

He was shocked and very grateful.

We dropped the phone into the letterbox and as we were about to drive off the man ran out and waved saying, “Thank you!”

“Have a great day!” I said. I’m sure he did have a very good day after that.

I’m here telling you this story not so that you can praise us for what we did, It’s not about the recognition it is about the act. As a family it showed my son that in life we can go out of our way for others. It also showed the man who lost his phone the same thing. He never knew our names and we never knew his, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we cared.

So go out and bring joy to someone that you don’t even know, why not! It will bring joy back to you.

PS:- Also remember to do things safely and with thought. During this process we never had to give out any of our own personal information, and we dropped the phone off in daylight and as a family unit, we did not do it alone. I just wanted you all to know that we made sure that we were all safe during this process and we made decisions together.

Thanks everyone!