One Awesome Alien.

One Awesome Alien by [Lukes, Jackie]

Hi there to all!

This week, after around 23 years of it sitting in a cupboard I have released my first children’s picture book called “One Awesome Alien” as an ebook, soon to be paperback.

After learning how to colour my illustrations on my computer and construct them into an ebook I was so excited to get this project re-done after having it for so long in the darkness of my closet. Firstly here is the description for it:

One Awesome Alien is a beautifully written and illustrated children’s picture book full of colour and fun. Children will love reading these wonderfully rhyming pages as they look upon amazing illustrations that match. Count along with your child as they learn their numbers, the alphabet and colours. This cleverly constructed masterpiece will bring a joyous read to all and will excite your child into learning effortlessly. Enjoy this brilliant creation for kids.

Secondly to purchase and download this book go to and type in One Awesome Alien, or Jackie Lukes or both. It is selling for $3.99 and on $2.99 US.

After being in my late teens and creating this book, illustrating this book and having this book rejected from a publisher, I placed it into the closet unknown as to what I would ever do with it. I was disheartened by the rejection. Every now and then I would bring it out and contemplate if it would ever be released into the world. Now here she is! Finally after re-drawing all 26 illustrations and changing almost half of them from their original ideas, I have released something wonderful for children.

What was the lesson?

After re-evaluating the book I realised now, 23 years later, that I too would have rejected the book back then. Yes it was a good idea but there were certain things in the book that were not acceptable for children. Now as a mother I can see the mistakes my teenage self made and I could see the project from a different view. I was able to re-created this project into something wonderful. Back then I wasn’t ready, but now I am.

Sometimes it takes time for our ideas to become amazing, and in that time it is us that needs to evolve before we can release it onto the world so that it can be amazing. Remember it is never too late to do anything you want to do and never let a rejection stop you, just try and understand why it was rejected and try another way or a different view.

Never give up.

Have an awesome day, and don’t forget to tell every one about my awesome alien!!


p.s I have used a pseudonym for my name so that I can seperate my fiction and non-fiction writing from my children’s books.