Tick of Approval.

approval flower


I am learning a very valuable lesson at the moment, that we are all NOT the same, we ARE all connected but we are definitely not the same (which is a good thing!) We are individuals in the sense that we are all on very different journeys.

Each human being has had different experiences and owns their own different abilities and traits. The lesson today for me was not to understand that we are all connected because I already knew that, no the lesson today was being able to ACCEPT the fact that others are very different and that they do things differently to my way of thinking and doing.


I had to accept people and what they did around me in a way that I myself had to adjust my own life and way of thinking………this was not to please others or to stop an argument, NO, it was so that I could regain my own inner peace.

I had to make a choice to agree that I disagreed.

Choosing this instead of needing something more from other people stopped me from becoming continuously disappointed by others, all I really needed was to trust and believe in myself.

Once again I realised that it is actually impossible to please everyone, and at some stage all people will let you down even those closest to you, because our perceptions and beliefs in everything are different.

The need to win is an ego based action, but accepting peoples differences is a spiritual ability which allows your inner peace to continue instead of feeding the egos need to be right all of the time. Do you want to be angry or peaceful?

So let go of the drama and accept people with all their differences even if you don’t agree with everything they say and do, it’s okay to have different opinions, it’s what makes us so special individually.

The world would be boring otherwise!

Let’s embrace each other and also allow ourselves to be ourselves. We don’t need to hang out for the approval of others because really it means nothing as there will be someone next to them that will disapprove or approve of you and what you do.

Let’s learn to give our own self approval, lets learn how to see that we are good enough, loved enough and are unique enough. All I need is the approval from my own inner being when I make choices because I am following my heart and what I believe in, that is what is important, that is what matters.

Give yourself the Tick of approval.