The Power of Knowing.


Something amazing happened and it was something that had happened many times before throughout my life. Although I knew what had happened I really could not explain how it happened.

I have always believed in the power of belief, where you can attract the things you want into your life.

I believe that you ARE what you believe.

But, there is a power even greater and it never fails, it is the power of knowing. Although belief and knowing seem like the same thing, they aren’t. Belief can change and cause doubt allowing failure to occur.

The power of knowing has no change, it just is.

When you know something to be certain it just is.

I can’t tell you the actual story of what happened to me so I decided to make one up that is very similar…..

When I first heard that my favourite psychic was coming to town I had this great knowing in my heart that I already had tickets. Although I went to purchase them on line I was unable to order two (one for me and a friend) as they were completely sold out. As time went on this particular psychic released another date and although I could get tickets online I couldn’t bring myself to buy them, I knew I already had tickets.

Eventually a week before the psychic was to start his shows I was miraculously handed two free tickets for his event. When I saw the tickets I was happy but not estatic that I had received this amazing gift, instead what I was thinking was, ‘finally the tickets had found their way home‘.

It was like I knew they were on their way, much like a parcel getting delivered that you have been waiting for, when it comes it makes you happy but you always knew that it was on the way. There was a knowing in my heart that I already had the tickets, they were just being delivered by the universe.

After this event happening of getting the free tickets my question to myself was…..

Why can’t I have this great knowing about everything in my life?

It was such a natural feeling this knowing,  yet I don’t understand how I had it. I wish when I try and sell a million copies of my books I had this knowing as well!! Hahahahahaha

I guess it is the energy of the universe allowing us a taste of it’s magnificence so that we can slowly learn how great we truely are.