Seeing the Signs.


Many times in my life I have tripped over the signs that have been delivered to me from the other side. I don’t know what you believe in, but I can tell you through my own experiences that this world is definitely not all there is. Most of the time I have listened to the signs that have been given to me for guidance and on the occasions that I haven’t…….well, let’s just say that I now listen all of the time.

But signs are not just there to guide us, they are also there to comfort us.

A story for you…..

My niece was given information from a psychic about my son that has passed over, Jack. The information was that he used to send signs to us by using butterflies, this was true, whenever we would see a butterfly we would always say hello to Jack. Now, she told her he was going to use leaves.

Amazed my niece told this lady about how her grandmother (my mother) had received a leaf through odd circumstances. This now confirmed the strange surroundings of why my mother had found a leaf in her house this particular day, Jack had sent it. Of course I was over the moon for my mother but highly disappointed as well.

Where was my leaf from Jack?

Weeks after this I had obviously forgotten about it all and went to work as I normally did. I was working next to a female co-worker in an aisle and when I looked down there between us sat the most perfect leaf. It did seem oddly out of place and in my head all I thought was, ‘Oh a leaf’. Finally the penny dropped and I just kept intently looking at the leaf, it must have been strange because my co-worker asked, “Does the leaf mean something to you?”

Taking me out of my trance I answered, “Yes!”

I kept the leaf close overjoyed that Jack had sent me a leaf, during working I accidentally knocked the tip of the leaf bending it back. Slightly disappointed that I had hurt the leaf I continued to carry it around with me on top of all of my work gear.

Another worker then came up to help me with my work load but instead he knocked over my work gear including the leaf allowing the leaf to fly under some shelving. I was so mad. He began picking all my belongings even after I had politely asked him to just leave it. I got down onto my hands and knees and found the leaf again analysing that it was still okay.

When work had finished I gathered up my work gear and the leaf and placed it down in a safe place, I was distracted by my boss who had asked me to complete a form. When I went to return to my belongings I notice that they were no longer there, someone had taken my work, handed it in, and put away all of my work belongings. So I understood that the people I worked with were very kind hearted wanting to help me and efficient by putting things away, but my leaf was now lost.

There are no words to describe how disappointed I was, the store room floor where my leaf had been lost was covered in leaves, there was no way that I would be able to find it again.

When everyone had left I decided to have one last look and for some reason on a silver pallet in the middle of the store room something caught my eye……it was one single leaf. I picked it up realising that it was definitely the leaf that Jack had sent me because I had knocked the tip of it and it was now bent back. I was so happy and in my heart it felt as though the universe knew that I was going to lose the leaf, that’s why it allowed me to accidentaly bend it at the top, so that I would recognise it.

I told my niece about the leaf and she was amazed, she also told me something that she had not told me before, she said, “The psychic said that Jack would send a leaf to the one he loved most.”

Now that was the most beautiful thing that I could have heard.

Thanks Jack, I might not be able to see you with my eyes , I might now be able to hear you with my ears but I can see and hear you with my heart.

See the signs, it’s important.