The “F” Word.


I rarely use the “F” word and when I do there is a whole lot of meaning behind it! You know the word I am talking about – FRIEND!

Yes that’s right you may call it an ephiphany but I think I have seen the light! I am an empathetic person who has suddenly realised that I take on other peoples pain, this is not a healthy trait to have as it can allow your body and mind to be contaminated with not only your own problems but everyone else’s as well.

I wanted to heal everyones pain, not realising that the people in this world have to take their own responsibility as well.

In my heart all I wanted to do was to save the world, and everyone in it! Large goal I know! I used to tell the same people that I cared about the same things over and over hoping that one day they would finally understand the answer to their continual problems. But they didn’t listen and they didn’t change.

Then it hit me!

They don’t want to! They are happy where they are, complaining and all.

My mother informed me…… that in the bible when Jesus preached to people he said what he had to say and then he moved on. He never repeated himself and he never hung around to find out who decided to listen and who didn’t. My mother was right, prophets, speakers, inspirational talkers don’t repeat what they have to say over and over to the same people, they move on spreading their ideas to as many people as they can.

So back to the “F” word – Friend.

I have many people in my life that I care about dearly and I will continue to do so, but this does not mean that I am responsible for all of their happiness and for solving all of their problems. I am not here to save the world, I am here to change it by teaching what I know and then moving on.

What I am saying to you is to understand that friends come in all different shapes and sizes and it is up to us to understand who is draining us and who is uplifting us. We are not responsible for everyones happiness, they are. We are not responsible for fixing all of their problems, they are. We are here to teach them what we know, support them and then understand that the rest is up to them.

Sometimes we are just not on the same page, or travelling down the same road as the people we love dearly, but we can still love them and support them while we live out our purpose. What we have to remember is that we do not have to stop flourishing, we do not have to stay stuck so that they feel better about themselves. It is our duty to show them how to live our truest life whether they like it or not.

Be brave, be you, move on and do what you have to do!