Choices, Choices!

wave choice

I read somewhere a few years ago that by NOT making a choice I am still making a choice. Well, that really hit hard! This sentence actually made me feel uncomfortable.

Damn it….. I thought I could get out of taking resposibility!

I thought that playing it safe and keeping things the way they were was me not doing anything at all, it was me allowing my life as it was to stay the same. But surprisingly the statement is true, it is still a choice. I am choosing to do nothing, I am choosing to ignore any other opportunity to come into my life because of my fear.

It is definitely easy to sit on my butt and do the same things I have always done so that I can feel safe and normal. It is scary stepping out of my comfort zone to explore new and interesting things!

What if something goes wrong?

What if I lose everything?

Sometimes we even think that things will change by doing absolutely nothing, like a magical lottery ticket will fly through the window and all of my dreams will come true! Funny that!

Well let me now share with you what I have learnt over the last few years…..

Not making a decision is a decision. Procrastination is the number one killer of all dreams.

If you have a dream and you don’t go for it, it won’t happen.

It you do the same thing and expect different results then you may as well be a mouse stuck in a cage running on a wheel.

If you want things to fall into your lap without effort then you will never be satisfied. Moving past fear and doing something anyway is what brings ultimate success and satisfaction.

If you try something new and you don’t get the result you wanted then try another way until you do get the result you wanted. This makes you a professional at whatever it is you are striving to accomplish.

You see I always gave up, to the point where it was too scary to leave the box that I had been put into. Not just by myself but by others. It’s about learning to listen to your heart and having the guts to be okay with giving things a go even though the result may not be what you expected.

Dreamers look forward to what ever result heads their way because every challenge is exciting! That is called living, not sitting in a box.

Dream away dreamers, follow your heart no matter how scary it seems, it never lies!